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Nutley Weight Loss

Lose 20-35 Pounds in 6 Weeks!*

Finally A Diet That Helps You Lose Weight In 6 Weeks Without Exercise

Congratulations on taking a step to getting healthy! Sometimes gathering information and finding out more about something can be a challenge. I know it was for me when I was looking to get healthier and lose weight. Yes even I, the Doctor, needed to get healthier and lose weight!

You see, I was overweight most of my life and always became overwhelmed trying to lose weight and get healthy. Even as a Doctor who has studied nutrition and health, I struggled just like you. Prepackaged meals, shakes, low fat, high fat, low carb, high carb, counting points, you name it I tried it. I used prepackages meals at one point and lost weight. They tasted nasty, weren't convenient, and I got really sick from the artifical ingredients and chemicals in them. I certainly didn't feel comfortable recommending this to my patients after getting sick!

After extensive reading and research, I realized that people needed to be taught how to eat, how to combine foods, and when to eat. Bust most importantly, I realized people needed to have the knowledge and to be taught on how to realistically keep the weight off....for good!

Which brings me to our Doctor Supervised Weight Loss Program, this program is BOTH Weight Loss and Weight Management. It is NOT a fad diet! It is based on and developed around the 4 "gold strandards" of Weight Loss: dietary and behavioral modifaction, nutritional supplementation, and exercise (when appropriate).

With this program, there are no nasty meal replacements, shakes or bars, no prescription drugs, no stimulants and no surgery! You eat REAL food purchased from your local grocery store. Our nutritional support formula is designed to work hand in hand with specific blends, ratios, and amounts of low glycemic/anti-inflammatory foods. Additionally, it is designed and formulated to aid your body with blood sugar stabilization, hunger and craving suppression, provide a mild detoxification to the body, and aid in accelerated fatty acid metabolism.

Successful and Safe weight loss is our main concern! Here are just a few more benefits that set us apart from other programs.

  • It is a Doctor Supervised Program, where you will meet with the doctor weekly and have access to our online patient tracking system that is monitored daily by the doctor.
  • All participants are pre-screened for complicating factors, poor prognostic indicators, and contraindications.
  • This program is NOT a "protein only" program. We include complex carbohydrates to help your bodies many different processes.
  • It is NOT a "low carb" program. In fact, the average person consumes approximately 200 gm of healthy complex carbohydrates per day while on the program. This is more than 2 times the amount of carbohydrates allowed for a program to be considered "low carb". Also, this is well above the minimum requirement of 130 gm of carbohydrates required by Type 1 diabetics.
  • This program provides a "re-feeding component," where the patient is transitioned back to a normal healthy diet.
  • All patients are provided with detailed instructions, guidelines, strategies, and tools to help increase the likelihood of long term weight loss success.

It seems like a lot of information, but these are important factors in losing weight, getting healthy AND keeping it off! This program has helped hundreds of patients lose weight and best of all keep it off!

I want you to know we are here to help you achieve your goals and be successful at it. Are you ready to get started? It is quite easy to get our office at 973-235-9393 and schedule an appointment for your No Cost Consultation, where we will answer all of your questions regarding our program. You can also find more information on our other website,

We look forward to seeing you and working with you in acheiving a healthier lifestyle.

*Individual results vary

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