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By: Dr. Donna A. Pontoriero, Chiropractor

There aren't many large studies on the value of chiropractic treatment in managing migraines. One study examined chiropractic treatment for different types of headaches, including migraines. The study combined the results of 22 previous studies, which had more than 2,600 patients total. The studies show that chiropractic treatment may serve as a good preventive treatment for migraines.

Another trial found that 22 percentof people who had chiropractic treatment saw the number of attacks drop 90 percent. In that same study, 49 percent said they had a significant reduction in pain intensity.

Another study of 127 migraine sufferers found that those that received chiropractic treatment had fewer attacks and needed to take less medication. The study found that more than 80 percent of the patients attributed their migraine attacks to stress. Therefore, researchers believe, chiropractic care might physically help to reduce the body's reaction to stress.

Most recently, a case study was reported of chiropractic spinal manipulative treatment (CSMT) for a patient with migraines. The patient was a 52-year-old woman with a long-term history of chronic migraines, which included nausea, vomiting, and photophobia. She also reported not using medication for her migraines due to previous drug-related issues. The average frequency of episodes before treatment was 1 per month.

The patient reported all episodes being eliminated following CSMT. At her 6-month follow-up, the patient had not had a single migraine episode in this period. The patient was certain that there had been no other lifestyle changes that could have contributed to her improvement.

See a doctor of chiropractic to determine if he or she can help your frequent migraines.

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